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10440 Battery Low Resistance Atomizer tweets

Jamie Laing

Dear Apple, can you please make my battery last longer. Thank you


5 years ago


*Low battery* *Low battery* *Low battery* Well apparently you have enough battery to Remind Me every 2 seconds...


5 years ago


I need a phone with 500% battery life.


5 years ago

Ramalan Indonesia

SAGITARIUS, Karir: Bersikaplah low profile sehingga tidak banyak musuh dan tentunya kawan akan bertambah banyak saja.


5 years ago

anthony spears

oooo girl i got a secret place that we can go cause i really wanna be alone and baby nobody else gotta know just meet me later on the low


5 years ago

Arsenal FC

Giroud found Rosicky on the edge of the box and he teed up @JackWilshere to fire a superb low finish past Myhill (64) 1-1 #WBAvAFC


5 years ago

Country Sayings

Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low, put some music on that's soft and slow. #JoshTurner


5 years ago