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18 Year Old tweets

Chelsea Leigh

As far as I'm concerned I'm the only 18 year old that would much rather watch @Family_Channel then MTV.. Is there something wrong with me?


8 years ago

Whitney Marie Banjai

The 60 year old in my criminology class talks like he's mental... #Stutters


8 years ago

Sarah May

This fat 18 year old posing as a dude on catfish is outta control!


8 years ago

Over Prestigious

Video: 18-Year-Old Female Gets KO'D By 28-Year-Old Male & No One Does Nothing! http://t.co/nsvYkuYt #WSHH via @worldstar


8 years ago

Kanika Kshirsagar

It's weird 'cause when you're in college you'll be in a class with 18-20 year olds and then there's just that random 40 year old man


8 years ago


And on that note I'm taking a bubble bath and attempting to forget that I am still an 18 year old unemployed white girl


8 years ago


Anyone have Christmas gift ideas for my 12 and 18 year old brothers-in-law?


8 years ago