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Lady Gaga

Have a free + beautiful day Twitterverse. Create w/ no limitations, fly confidently through each aspiration. Think of all the possibilities.


10 years ago


Peyton Manning now has 1,470 Pass Yds, 16 TD, 0 Int; ties NFL record for most TD pass w/ 0 Int to start season (M. Plum). (via @EliasSports)


10 years ago

Aziz Ansari

#AzizBreakingBadTheory: Jason Street shows up in his wheelchair. Walt notices a strange bell. REVEAL: Street working w/Grandma Saracen.


10 years ago

☁Jc Caylen

Whatever ur doin today do it w a smile!! Have fun no matter what! Today is a good day to be alive!! :) Peace


10 years ago

Brad Haugen

Gonna watch a near final cut of #BELIEVE this morning w/ @jonmchu @scooterbraun @AllisonKaye @jsmanson @HoolieG. What are YOU doing today?


10 years ago

me: can we go to taco bell mom: i'll just make you something at home me: http://t.co/4qVmP49p7K


10 years ago

Katy Perry

Thank u for sending me to bizarre dream land w/ this 1, Gnight! @nbllrrr: @katyperry what if u peeled a banana & there was a hot dog inside?


10 years ago