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Sophia Barnes

1) RT if you wanna gain followers 2) FOLLOW me & everyone that rts 3) Make sure you follow EVERYONE back -- #EMABiggestFans Justin Bieber


5 years ago

Skip Bayless

Biggest injustice in sports is that kids are forced to risk health playing college football for 3 yrs before they can be drafted.


5 years ago

Mind Blowing Facts

Being sarcastic on a regular basis adds 3 years to your life, and is extremely healthy for the mind!


5 years ago


Make it THREE for The D. Tigers win 3rd straight AL Central title with 1-0 win over Twins. Max Scherzer strikes out 10, improves to 21-3.


5 years ago

CNN Breaking News

The 3-year-old boy shot in the head last week in a Chicago park has returned home. http://t.co/KeGX2r1uve


5 years ago

FC Barcelona

El Barça es el equipo europeo que más goles marca por partido con una media de 3,6 goles http://t.co/PATczWk9tV


5 years ago

บิ๊กคลุงยอดนักสืบ ╯

ที่กูเล่นทวิตเพราะ? 1.หนีพ่อแม่จากเฟส 2.ระบายสิ่งที่พูดไม่ได้ในโลกแ- ห่งความจริง 3.เล่นแล้วกูหายเครียด 4.กูจะทำอะไรก็ได้เพราะนี่มันท- ี่ของกู :)


5 years ago