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A Boy In France tweets

Matt Howells

“@UberFacts: A new study in France suggests that people with tattoos drink more than those without.” @saunders_gail see its not my fault


6 years ago

j. m. lee

@LuvinaJC in France is dark chocolate a "boy" thing like in Japan? http://t.co/VeMOQDs2


6 years ago

Connor O'Halloran

I receive about two internship applications a day from a boy/girl living in France. Those Frenchies are obsessed w/ NYC.


6 years ago

Harry Stahp ∞ ®

@HatchiDaDog Ah okay so my sentence its not important i know u are a boy but in France we said the picture SHE'S cute :p x


6 years ago


@jtkola I was just telling her about our #pittsburgh trip shes moving to France in a few wks chasing a Canadian boy #cantblameher #missyou


6 years ago


@faizadsa SHES SO COOLshe told the girls in my class to always stay with a boy in france or else... and to watch out cause people will steal


6 years ago

Kwai Chang Caine

@SimoneSimons Minou minou :) That's a common expression to call a cute cat in France. Minette is for a girl cat, minou for a boy. food time.


6 years ago