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A Change Of Pace tweets

Firefly Festival

Hey fans! Waiting for a Monday is a nice change of pace. We've got some very exciting 2014 updates coming your way. http://t.co/U3oBG5N9qo


10 years ago

Brian Wilson

A little change in pace for #JuanDirection but we hope you're getting to know us a little better.


10 years ago

1D Updates!

Little Black Dress: Its a little bit naughty Darkness-style rock song thats likely to shock younger fans w/ a clear change of pace


10 years ago


twitter name change for a chance of pace. hope your all enjoying the weekend so far. off to watch #Strictly and #XFactor . :)


10 years ago

True Gentleman

Freeport is an interesting change of pace..for the 1st time in my life I had to wait in a line to get into a movie (not for the tickets) :/


10 years ago

Nadyne G

RT @peterfrancis: A lot of people get impatient with the pace of change. ~ James Levine #Quote


10 years ago

Sarah Bialecki

RT @iBodyFit: Bored on the treadmill? Raise the incline and slow your pace down for a fun and challenging change! #FitFluential


10 years ago