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Abstrad Bar tweets

Bradley Will Simpson

Had a bath and ate a gold bar whilst in the bath, a little bit too much awesome in that combination.


7 years ago

Sports Comedy

Aldon Smith, Von Miller, Pacman Jones, and Aaron Hernandez walk into a bar. Uh oh


7 years ago


「TIGER & BUNNY」と池袋にオープンするキャラクターテーマ型飲食店 [Cafe&Barキャラクロ] のタイアップ期間は10/31(木)~来年4/20(日)まで- です。楽しみですね!リリースはこちら→ http://t.co/7xP9mxDuDn #tigerbunny


7 years ago

Frases de Kase.o

“Mi nombre va de boca en boca y mi cuerpo va de bar en bar en busca de una loca con quien hablar“


7 years ago

lindu block

" O Facebook é como estar com a família conversando na mesa de jantar. " O Twitter é como estar com os amigos gritando na mesa do bar.


7 years ago

Bill Nye

So a nerd and a rock star walk into a bar... @IamStevenT can probably tell you the punch line. http://t.co/5NweeB6lgd


7 years ago

Premier League

Man Utd's best chance of the match falls to @WayneRooney but he fires over the bar. 56 mins gone and the champions trail 4-0 #MCIMUN


7 years ago