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Acrylic Water Glasses tweets

Frankie Boyle

Conspiracy theories are usually some guy on ecstasy, cocaine and Ketamine trying to worry you about fluoride in the water


6 years ago

Because I'm a Guy

Funny how 8 glasses of water a day seems impossible, but 8 beers a day seems necessary.


6 years ago

Josh Peck

If water got you stoned, it'd be called Highdrated


6 years ago

Fitness & Nutrition

Why water? It purifies your blood stream and also cleans your blood cells and tissues. Stay hydrated, go H2O!


6 years ago

Funny Tweets™

I need a boyfriend" No, you WANT a boyfriend. You NEED water, cause you sound thirsty.


6 years ago

Phil Lester

My mum and brother fall asleep about 15 minutes into every movie! I'm buying a water pistol as this is unnnaccepptaablle


6 years ago


People wearing glasses would understand this annoyance. http://t.co/HuFLXZktl5


6 years ago