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Adidas Originals Summer Deck G42455 tweets

Gareth Bale

Thanks @adidas_ES for my new #F50 boots, love the colour! Can't wait to play in them #allinrealmadrid http://t.co/e8WiqrAQ1O


10 years ago

Motivaciones Fútbol

La colección Samba de Adidas ¡Hermosos! http://t.co/KydymONbdn


10 years ago

Álvaro Morata

Deseando estrenar mis nuevas botas #F50 de @adidas_ES. Ya concentrados para el partido! #HalaMadrid #Allin http://t.co/Zsz969dzoX


10 years ago

The Summer Set

Don't be afraid to die, cause to die would be an awfully big adventure.


10 years ago


adidasから出た新色のナイトロチャージ。今となっては、- 槙野スタイルと言ってもいいじゃろ。右足と左足のスパイクの色- を変えて履くスタイル。 次は黄色って事は… 赤に黄色がBe- stじゃね! 皆さんも真似してはいかが?笑 http://t.co/QM6LGcKIac


10 years ago

The Funny Racist™

I saw this black guy in Nikes running with a huge TV in his arms. I thought "That looks like mine." Then I realized mine wears Adidas


10 years ago

Stewie Griffin

fall: wears hoodies winter: wears hoodies spring: wears hoodies with sleeves rolled up summer: turns up ac and wears hoodies


10 years ago