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Saturateur Plan Travail tweets

Nicolás Maduro

Esta es la carta que entregué a la Asamblea Nacional con el plan de la Patria 2013-19, !Misión Cumplida Comandante! http://t.co/hVABvlF67n


10 years ago

It's A Teen Thing!

Think before you speak. Plan before you act. Accomplish your goals before it's too late.


10 years ago


(907): As a plus, I've lost 5 pounds in two days, so "party all weekend" is officially a valid diet plan.


10 years ago

Donald J. Trump

Remember that in 2006 then Senator Obama voted NOT TO INCREASE THE DEBT CEILING. Now he acts in disbelief as others plan to do the same!


10 years ago


#Aries makes a determined effort to plan their life


10 years ago

CNN en Español

Oficina de Presupuesto de EEUU ordenó a agencias del Gobierno implementar el plan de cierre ante "ausencia de fondos" http://t.co/o31aOayJHc


10 years ago

CNN Breaking News

House passes spending plan with amendment to delay the individual mandate in President Obama's health care law. http://t.co/mdU5U9I8z3


10 years ago