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Caitlin Moran

Useful: @Dorianlynskey fillets the Daily Mail's piece on Ed Miliband's dad so you don't have to go to their website: http://t.co/HH8NrJx2OX


9 years ago

Jonah Ray Donovan

Kevin Costner just delivered my mail by horse.


9 years ago

ben stewart

I dunno, is this a good time to tweet a pic of Daily Mail founder wooing Hitler in 30s when EdM's Dad fought fascism? http://t.co/np8BOrYNnV


9 years ago

Nigel Fletcher

I was emailed today to ask if I would like to advertise my business with the Daily Mail. This was my reply: http://t.co/P83KYnIHRl


9 years ago

Owen Jones

Daily Mail editorial headline: "An evil legacy and why we won't apologise". This would make a fitting new strapline for the paper


9 years ago

Ed Miliband

My article in the Daily Mail about my father. It will also appear in tomorrow's paper http://t.co/ppJSDWYaMF


9 years ago

David Burge

Thanks to shutdown, fed workers can finally get those sweet high-pay private sector careers they're convinced they've sacrificed.


9 years ago