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Advanced Math Program tweets

Tim Rood

Google has donated $5 million to a program that could help fund Advanced Placement courses in math and science at... http://t.co/ShJGgHKt


6 years ago

Jose Moreno

@newsagg advanced classes aren't offered til 3rd grade. I think for now will have them go to an additional math program as they read at home


6 years ago

Patricia Carlson

Worked with a 16 year old girl in the RTI program. She advanced from failing and testing for ADD to 100% in math in 5 weeks.


6 years ago

Joe Murray

Just attended an information session for the Institute for Advanced Analytics. So pumped to apply to the program next year!


6 years ago

Médéric Boquien

@nholzschuch Look at the French HS math program. They are doing the opposite. "Advanced" stuff just gets removed.


6 years ago