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Advanture Sports tweets

Obi Obadike

Your #genetics don’t define what your #body likes like the amount of #diet&#training does. #abs,#ripped,#sports,#getfit,- #tip,#workout, #gym


5 years ago

5 years ago

Athlete Life

Sports I play that. My school? I rep that. Team? I have that. Their backs? I got that. My bros? They know that. The game? I love that.


5 years ago


Cтатистика, новости, профили команд, синхронизация с календарем – в 1 клик в обновленном приложении Sports.ru! iOS: https://t.co/99cTPj3tFe


5 years ago

Sports Quotes

Never give up on the things that make you smile.


5 years ago

Juan Topo

Me acabo de enterar que después de "EA Sports" decían "It's in the game!" y no "chénequein". Acaban de arruinar toda mi infancia.


5 years ago

Athletes Desire

It amazes me how sports can change a bad day into a great day.


5 years ago