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Ain M Azahary tweets


i can't see you haters, I'm wearing my hater shades


9 years ago

Jesse .. Morgan..

Up up in way mane I'm so high I come down in a couple of days lol


9 years ago

jashmary salcedo

@BiebsMohone1D I'm done why they look cute?!?! http://t.co/jptsyv5coD


9 years ago

Stuart Peach

'I've let everyone around me down and now i'm heading to the bottom of the bottle just to block out the sound.'


9 years ago

Hannah Naranjo

I think I enjoy a good book too much because once I'm finished with it, I feel weird in a way. Welp. #ontothenext


9 years ago

✨ Kinseyyy ✨

@sarahwhitmore97 Oh great ** Guess that's waiting until tomorrow when I can get help so I don't mess it up bc idk how to upload! Lol


9 years ago

Joanna Casarez

Especially when I'm waiting for my food I get impatient lmao


9 years ago