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Akne Durch Stress tweets


Too much stress and high blood pressure can lead to a condition called "hematidrosis" in which a person sweats blood.


10 years ago

Funny Tweets

i wanna jump off a building and not die just relieve stress by slamming onto the sidewalk and then get up and go get a slurpee or something


10 years ago

Story Of My Life!

I miss my childhood, no homework, no waking up early, no exams, no stress, no problems in life.


10 years ago

Real Talk

Don't stress over people in your past. There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.


10 years ago


let’s play a game called how long can i put off my assignment until i start stress crying


10 years ago


Over 95% of the stress a woman feels is brought on by the act of over thinking about things that may not occur.


10 years ago

Mister Banatero

What I want: 1) Less stress 2) Less pain 3) Less problem 4) More smile 5) More laugh 6) More happiness


10 years ago