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Tongue Twisters !

Ghostly ghouls gather gleefully to golf on ghostly golf courses.


7 years ago

Mercedes-Benz USA

For safety's sake, please restrict awesome drifting to closed courses. http://t.co/15e6ioGcZX via @DRIVE http://t.co/BSHp8KvMCW


7 years ago

Katie Hopkins

Today, good hard working people of Britain, we will mostly be paying for Somalia pirates seeking asylum to take Fine Dining Courses.


7 years ago

Harvard University

10 spring Extension School courses for the 21st-century citizen http://t.co/N1YiEUGfg7


7 years ago

La Mort

Je pars faire mes courses au magasin bio, là. Par contre, j'ai pas de monnaie, quelqu'un a 10 euros pour que je chope un caddie?


7 years ago

Jay Owens

Bruno Latour is teaching a MOOC! On Scientific Humanities (aka science & technology studies)! In English! https://t.co/bpmjgJX0v8


7 years ago

Facts Never Known™

In Japan, tattoos are banned in gyms, golf courses, hot springs and spas because of their association with the criminal underworld..


7 years ago