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American Bombarder tweets

The Associated Press

For American Indian tribes, shutdown suspends home health care, bus service, heating assistance: http://t.co/1PCwUHxIRZ -SS


5 years ago

What The F*** Facts

An American woman sent her adopted Russian Orphan back on a plane to Russia with a note saying “I no longer wish to parent this child.”


5 years ago

Neil Patrick Harris

NY hotel living is expensive. Coffee, oatmeal, berries: $47.00! American dollars! How can that be possible?!?


5 years ago

Ronan Farrow

Cost of shutdown to American economy: $300 million a day. Cost of shutdown to American dignity: priceless.


5 years ago

Senator Ted Cruz

This fight is all about the American people rising up to #MakeDCListen, stop Obamacare & stop #HarryReidsShutdown https://t.co/spnzkQC1NO


5 years ago


since the American government doesn't want to do their jobs anymore, I offer my services and you can pay me in soy pumpkin spice lattes.


5 years ago

Conrad Hackett

US Jews are half as likely (40%) as white evangelicals (82%) to believe God gave Israel to the Jewish people. http://t.co/WfQSc0LVTu


5 years ago