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American Revolution Hemerocallis tweets

Barack Obama

"Let's be clear, there are no winners here ... The American people are completely fed up with Washington." —President Obama on the #shutdown


7 years ago

History In Pictures

A Native American looks down at a newly-completed section of the transcontinental railroad. Nevada. ca. 1868. http://t.co/EoMLnZfHac


7 years ago

Senator Ted Cruz

Yesterday's terrible deal sells the American people down the river. It's time to #MakeDCListen http://t.co/XGIK2dBu4v


7 years ago

lil duval

Don't spend yo money, Borrow it. It's the American way


7 years ago

The White House

President Obama to Congress: "Disagreement cannot mean dysfunction. The American people’s hopes and dreams are what matters, not ours."


7 years ago


5年連続となる、武道館正月公演開催決定! 「T.M.R. NEW YEAR PARTY '14 LIVE REVOLUTION」 日程:1/1(水・祝)・1/2(木- ) 会場:日本武道館 チケット料金:6,500円(tax in) お問合せ:キョードー東京 0570-550-799


7 years ago

Gov. Bobby Jindal

A rebellion is brewing in the states. American people know that policies coming out of DC are leading us to dead end. http://t.co/u7ak9O8kZF


7 years ago