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Amplifier Distortion At Low Volume tweets

The Nation

Members of Congress will still receive paychecks. Low-income women & children may lose access to food & health care. http://t.co/FkzzRBqcJz


6 years ago

Hunter Moore

Remember to always go after the girl with the low self-esteem


6 years ago

Jay Rosen

To describe an asymmetrical situation in two-party politics as a "both sides" thing is a WHOLLY ACCEPTABLE form of distortion in our press.


6 years ago

Sarah Kendzior

In case you were wondering, zoo animals will still be fed during the shutdown, but not the babies of poor women http://t.co/JhjgjbMYMi


6 years ago

Effi Obefiend

Good morning low class people with no Mercedes and banglo 2 juta. Boyfriend Nora Danish ketawakan kita.


6 years ago


Congress has an all-time low approval rating of just 10%. If you performed this badly at work, would you still have a job? So why do they?


6 years ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

Turn the volume loud. Tomorrow, #ITFDB. http://t.co/OKgZ6lD5Io


6 years ago