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An Sidebar Trong Thesis tweets

Brian Gaar

Here is my master's thesis. It’s a Galaga high score and a middle finger. Owned.


5 years ago

Boston Celtics

Despite being matched up with a future Hall of Famer on Wednesday, Jared Sullinger was the best big man on the court: http://t.co/uvzK7nqS6m


5 years ago

5H Updates

Vote for Better Together on the Left Sidebar for Q102! http://t.co/jVjtXLfpzu


5 years ago

Dario Llinares

#AskGaryBarlow Do you think The Frankfurt School thesis of Mass Culture could be used to deconstruct the propagandistic effects of #XFactor


5 years ago

JKT48 Fans

surprisenya sih diasta, soalnya kirain masih pengen bertahan. guess thesis is really hard to do when being an idol


5 years ago

E L James

Word of the day is 'sidebar'...


5 years ago

Bill Simmons

Take 2: my Friday column is a celebration of my favorite non-Patriot NFLer (with Week 12 picks as a sidebar). http://t.co/53vSv9MjZo


5 years ago