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A Long Time tweets

Alfredo Flores

I saw more tears tonight than I have in a long time. Tonight was special. #BangkokBELIEVETour


6 years ago

Typical Malaysian

History is like someone trying to tell you a really long grandfather story. Most of the time you'll just fall asleep.


6 years ago

Manchester United

Moyes on managing #mufc: "I have been learning every week since the day I walked in. I don't think that's going to change for a long time."


6 years ago


GD #1 MusicBank: Thank you for giving me this prize. I'm here for the first time in a long time, and thank you for this prize.


6 years ago


“We fell silent again. The thing we shared was nothing more than a fragment of time that had died long ago.”


6 years ago

Best of Scorpio

Never betray the trust of a #Scorpio. It will take a very long time before they will be able to trust you again.


6 years ago


Nigel on @T_Vermaelen05 :"It's difficult to come back after a long time out but I thought he was very impressive" http://t.co/CToOBPh62B


6 years ago