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Artistic Choice tweets

Yassmina ♕

RT @RaniaShoukry: You are prettier than her, smarter, more attractive, more artistic, funnier, but she.. was his first choice.


6 years ago

Yvonne Martin

@MKCherryholmes Wow girl- Love the artistic vibe of your new AVI! Great choice per your music career too. #rememberable


6 years ago

Marilena Munaro

@BoyGeorge Hi there. Used to play him on my pg back in the days of @myspacetom. Shocking really. #Artistic #Freedom & Freedom of choice now.


6 years ago

Lindsey McNeill

RT @IFallDownMovie: Shooting film for us was both an artistic and economic choice. So many micro-indies going HD, wanted to stand out. #Fil…


6 years ago

syed zaidi

A very beautiful video: artistic and aesthetic. You have such a beautiful choice and am amazed (@YouTube http://t.co/sRhkh4ICL8)


6 years ago


RT @ShutUpAimee: just spelled "struggles" as "sturggles" obviously it was an artistic choice to convey the true meaning of the word


6 years ago


Even though if something goes wrong, acceptance as the way it is would make it artistic choice. #thethirdhumanbeing


6 years ago