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Asean Online Industry Review tweets


yang lagi online #retweet


4 years ago

boss bitch.

▲RETWEET▼ if u wanna gain followers, then follow whoever rts. You'll gain quick bc whoever rts will be online -hope you gain (: xo


4 years ago

Charles Garcia

Noonan: A Small President on the World Stage http://t.co/9qCWf7eJBG - (@charlespgarcia)


4 years ago

Ace Sanders

That rule is ridiculous. We can review if the player can be ejected or not but it does not reverse the call?? How much sense does that make?


4 years ago

Rolling Stone

'Reflektor' is a two-record, 75-minute set of 13 songs and the best album Arcade Fire have ever made. Our review: http://t.co/kCcrKmzJsS


4 years ago

Pelajar & Mahasiswa

Malam minggu: > Online > Game > Nonton TV / DVD > Denger Musik > Makan di rumah > Di Kamar > JOMBLO <


4 years ago

Arfan Brizan

Biasanya cewek yang jam segini masih online itu cakepnya gak pake separo…


4 years ago