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Will Trenchard

Friday Quiz: Identify That 1998 Test Instrument | EE Times https://t.co/P0MOU4WZsf via @eetimes Very testing quiz this week! #ICPSearch


1 hour ago

RSS Reader

EE Times Friday Quiz: Identify That 1998 Test Instrument https://t.co/41RjUYAAZb Can you identify these 9 test instruments advertised in T…


8 hours ago

Suran Karunatilaka

IoT Meets 40,000 Streetlights | EE Times https://t.co/XceejZOin5


15 hours ago

Pino Tattari

Someone loves php... ....but not the author of this blog: https://t.co/4Tv18JCQlZ (it is hilarious)


15 hours ago

Andrew Melvin

Great extra footage in The Hobbit BOFA EE. Sad that Tolkien films are over, but even P Jackson might struggle to make The Silmarillion fun


16 hours ago

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Chris Colfer

Favorite thing about being an author is creating characters that fight for the greater good. #TLOSBoxedSet https://t.co/ic2IZf1G5P


1 day ago

Maria Popova

'Little Prince' author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on how a simple human smile saved his life https://t.co/QImvIaBFfb https://t.co/qBG36L3yr4


16 hours ago


The Dodo in "Alice in Wonderland" is based on the author, Charles Dodgson, who had a stammer and would introduce himself as “Do-do-dogson.”


1 day ago

Sweet Van Loan

Keeping up with AmazonKindle & #Paperback deals on Goodnight & Loving? https://t.co/TIBN7fTjIG #Fiction #Author #G… https://t.co/493GOSKFmM


22 seconds ago

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