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Auto Langkampfen tweets

Rockstar Games

#GTAOnline update with latest info on new content like Beach Bum Pack, GTA$ Stimulus & more http://t.co/yWkmW0Jm5k http://t.co/MnXyI7ayCB


7 years ago

Tu vida en imágenes.

Una forma curiosa de reciclar un auto. http://t.co/k7S2z7sxhZ


7 years ago

Computer Science

RT @meteokol: In C++14 you just write "auto auto(auto auto) { auto; }". The compiler infers the rest from context.


7 years ago


150 conto numa camisa simples só pq ta escrito hollister??? 10 pano de prato do smilinguido sai por 5 conto e ainda vem frase de auto ajuda


7 years ago

Speak Comedy

I hate it when auto-correct changes my "omg" to "OMG" like, chill out, I'm not that surprised.


7 years ago

Amanda Babaka

essa novela só veio pra foder com a auto estima da galera colocando gorda com romance, autista com romance, fantasma com romance e vcs nada


7 years ago

Awkward Posts

MOM: "Where did you learn to drive like that?" ME: "Grand Theft Auto"


8 years ago