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Very Short Story

Terry tweeted and waited for the untold millions to roll in. Across the globe, in Belfast, his lone follower, Peg, unfollowed him.


7 years ago

La Chocita del Loro

Próximo jueves en la @chocitadelloro de #GranVía a partirse la caja con Goyo Jiménez. Si haces RT y eres follower sorteo de 2 entradas


7 years ago

True Tweets

I'm a bi-polar tweeter. One day I'll tweet a lot, the next day I'll barely tweet at all.


7 years ago

The D

Dear parents, If all my friends jumped off a cliff.. it's because it was my idea. Sincerely, Your child is a leader. Not a follower.


7 years ago

Larry Fitzgerald

Pls don't forget .25/follower, 1k/Rec, 10k/TD all month long! #ThinkPink #BreastCancerAwareness #NFL #AzCardinals


7 years ago

Rude Comedian

I didn't lose a follower, a follower lost me


7 years ago


Punya follower banyak aja bangga, bangga itu kalo udah bisa bahagiain orang tua


7 years ago