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Alfredo Flores

Night 1 in Mexico was NUTS!!!! Now back at the hotel with @justinbieber reminiscing about the times we've had here in Mexico City.


6 years ago

Los Angeles Lakers

.@kobebryant is back on the practice floor. #GoLakers http://t.co/ZwTpKzmK6k


6 years ago

Joel Osteen

Instead of complaining about how big an obstacle is, come back to a place of peace. If God is for you, who dare be against you?


6 years ago

6 years ago

Skip Bayless

Kuechly basically tackled Gronk! Wrapped him up! No, he couldn't get back to the ball because he was ridden out of the play. INTERFERENCE!


6 years ago

Katy Perry

Japan! I will be back in MARCH! Why? 1. Cause you're my FAVORITE & 2. To headline U-EXPRESS LIVE 2014!!! YAYAY!


6 years ago

Justin Bieber

@Fact random but true. now back to the music


6 years ago