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Bar Mieten Berlin tweets

Beasiswa Indonesia

http://t.co/eyki7EHUiv beasiswa Muslim Cultures & Societies di Berlin JERMAN, mau? :)


5 years ago

BBC Sport

BREAKING: Wilson Kipsang of Kenya breaks the world marathon record by 15 seconds in Berlin, finishing in two hours three minutes 22 seconds


5 years ago


Dark chocolate is good for your heart. A small bar of it everyday can help keep your heart and cardiovascular system running well.


5 years ago


Bartenders should put a pink straw into every woman's 4th drink, as a signal to all the men in the bar that she's ready.


5 years ago

Tiempo de Juego

Récord del mundo de Maratón!!!! El keniata Wilson Kipsang acaba en 2:03:23 el Maratón de Berlín y mejora en 15 segundos el récord anterior


5 years ago


Were you sleeping?..ARE YOU SLEEPING STILL?! WILSON KIPSANG RAN A MARATHON WR 2:03:23 in Berlin this morning! http://t.co/gqigK9M3wK


5 years ago

Runner's World

¡Wilson Kipsang, RÉCORD DEL MUNDO de MARATÓN en Berlín! Su marca ha sido de 2:03:23, 15 segundos por debajo de Patrick Makau.


5 years ago