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Barks And Bites tweets

Ralph De Jesus

Sign: Beware of dog, he bites first and barks latter


5 years ago

Nikita Vienneau

@RaychelLynn4213 nooooooooo cause if i hit mom ( play fighting ) he dose nothing mom hits be he barks and bites her


5 years ago

34 Days.

my dog growls, barks, twitches, bites and breathes weird in his sleep. is cute


5 years ago


So sick of people who's barks are bigger than their bites! If you have something to say, say it to my face and don't post it on fb


5 years ago


@comedyortruth mine sits on top of me and barks and bites me till I get up lol


5 years ago


@miaa_xoxoxo my dog does that too! But I don't pertend their hurting me. She just barks and bites them if they even try touching me xD (:


5 years ago

Oh Sehun

@TarminLee *tries to catch it, getting hit on the head by it instead* >A< *barks at it and bites it, growling and shaking my head*


5 years ago