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Barrel Body tweets

Josh Harris

Killing somebody with a double barrel then setting light to their body cus they beat u at horseshoes #RedDeadRedemption


6 years ago

Nuh have nuh sense

Oh noooo :'( RT @Anrkiss: LOL rass barrel body RT @__KeekSzx: U lick mines and I lick urs? RT (cont) http://t.co/8uL78FgX


6 years ago


@alandanziger Indeed! You wouldn't want to be in a mall with me. It's all about Sephora, Crate and Barrel, Bath and Body Works... #chick


6 years ago

Karla Pratt

Accomplished some half-decent barrel rolls tonight #HurtsSoGood May have some new purple body embellishments tomorrow #EpsomSaltsBath


6 years ago


RT @ilawton: Think of mind, body, spirit as the three tenors Article http://t.co/kj6UWL5V


6 years ago

Ian Lawton

Think of mind, body, spirit as the three tenors. Article http://t.co/BnsZqO3c


6 years ago

Sarah Kezar

My teammate is a horse who relies on my trust and body language. I have 3 barrels and 15 seconds to bring it. You have a bow and a skirt.


6 years ago