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Be A Driving Instructor tweets

Tabby Fleming

Should I be creeped out I just received a kiss in a text from my driving instructor... #toosoon #onlyonsecondlesson


6 years ago

Trever Vogel

Great... My first day of driving with the instructor and its going to be in a thunderstorm at night... Fml


6 years ago

Tim Hardy

Having Batman as a driving instructor would be insane.


6 years ago


@Emma6721 @FIZZBANGBOOM you have to be quite strange to be a driving instructor. I would never want to teach someone like me to drive. :P


6 years ago


I am a driving instructor at Tire Rack's Street Survival school this Saturday at Laurens Proving grounds. Should be a fun experience


6 years ago

Miranda Hall

Literally if my driving instructor forgot I'm gonna be so mad because I could be taking a nap right now


6 years ago

Coleman Willis

RT @DaltonCosmos: Driving instructor said I could be a racecar driver if I wanted to be. I DON'T MESS AROUND, SON.


6 years ago