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Cloyd Rivers

Govt Shutdown Day 16: Power still on Water still runs Pumpkin lattes still exist Nobody knows what the fox says Worst apocalypse ever Merica


5 years ago


Do NOT lower your standards to "keep" anyone. Make them meet you at YOUR level. Self respect is power.


5 years ago

Historical Pics

The black power salute that rocked the 1968 Olympics, 45 years ago today (via @LIFE) http://t.co/hiMnoY9XmA


5 years ago

Tweet Like A Girl

Girl power 101 http://t.co/dBBd3LmNDN


5 years ago


POWER SURGE. Adrian Gonzalez's 2nd HR of the day gives @Dodgers a 6-2 lead. LA has hit 4 homers in the game. #NLCS


5 years ago

Faith In God

ENCOURAGEMENT: Don't let the troubles of life bring you down. No matter how big your struggle, God has the power to conquer all things.


5 years ago

God Almighty

Never underestimate the power of a prayer. One small prayer can change your life dramatically.


5 years ago