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Bernin A Choeurs Siret tweets

Taylor Swift

So excited about my @GlamourMagUK cover!This is one of my fav pics from the shoot. Caption:'Looking for a hair tie'. http://t.co/qOd13gyfBs


6 years ago

College Student

I live my life in a constant state of wondering if something is due tomorrow


6 years ago

Otro Loco? Puede ser

-Abuelo. +Dime cariño. -¿Me das un beso? Pero corre. +Claro, ¿porque hay que correr? -Por que mama me va a despertar ya.


6 years ago


RARE FOOTAGE of Michael Jordan schooling OJ Mayo on the court at his camp a few years ago » http://t.co/aGmEnlFV86 (via @LBSports)


6 years ago

Britney Spears

I'm gonna pick my favorites to be a part of the next album's packaging :) Can't wait to see what you all send in!! xo http://t.co/n1Zxz94h8X


6 years ago

Paul Wesley

In the unlikely scenario that u follow me and are not a fan of VD, then apologies in advance for my excessive live tweeting this evening.


6 years ago

▲Horóscopo Negro▲

#PISCIS: es difícil que te hagan cambiar la opinión que tienes sobre alguien. Podrás ser educado o amable pero a ti, no te engañan. Lo sabes


6 years ago