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Best Legal Party Pill tweets

Channing Tatum

Party at Franco’s house! This Is The End is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.


5 years ago

Sr. Alguém

Este é lindo, perfeito, gostoso, legal, cheiroso, tudo de bom. Uma pessoa perfeita. Este, obviamente, sou eu. Eu estou de parabéns.


5 years ago

Kid President

You're invited to be a party today. Everywhere you go can be a party. Treat people awesome and be the party the world needs to see.


5 years ago

Charles Garcia

The Associated Press Goes to Bat For the Democratic Party http://t.co/ahmhLzbveu - (@charlespgarcia)


5 years ago

Country Words

The door's unlocked, I'll leave on the lights, baby you can crash my party anytime. -Luke Bryan


5 years ago

Seth MacFarlane

Your baby has no idea that you threw him a 1st birthday party. All you did was inconvenience your friends.


5 years ago

Emma Marrone

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) @emma_marrone BUONGIORNO ESAURITI!!!!! Si parte #abbomba http://t.co/0prFCpVPdH


5 years ago