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Best Vacuums tweets

corin hall

@gabrielamarie_v dad is the best! He washes my car and vacuums it with out even asking me! #helovesme


5 years ago


Top 10 Best Blowers & Vacuums - Are you looking for the Top and Best Blowers & Vacuums? If so you have come to t... http://t.co/4A8mXCRs


5 years ago

Luigi Gutiérrez

Providing reviews on the best vacuums for gettin.. http://t.co/mjGstTDT


5 years ago

Rhiannon McGloin

taras honestly the best because she vacuums for me #loveher


5 years ago

Parking Knottsie

The #JasonBourne edition of Roomba vacuums is by far the best model out there


5 years ago

Mike Watkins

RT @Taylorr_GANGyo: Saw the dyson vacuums at best buy and thought of @michaelwatkins_ ❤


5 years ago

Matt Cochran

@BMOC98 Well I'll be dadgummed! So Obama's puppet is actually a bad man?? NO! I refuse to accept. Obama creates the best power vacuums ever!


5 years ago