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Le Vrai Horoscope

Un des plus grands atouts du #Cancer est sa profonde intuition qu'il utilise pour trouver des solutions.


4 years ago

Shahrin Najmi

The best solutions for your problems http://t.co/S8ZfjXho7r


4 years ago

Inspiring Quotes

Leaders think & talk about the solutions. Followers think & talk about the problems. -Brian Tracy


4 years ago

Lowongan Kerja

http://t.co/Ovu8khrSdO Lowongan Kerja Carrier Relations Officer @ PT. Pharaohs Management Solutions ~110901


4 years ago

The Golden Mirror

Solutions can only be found in a state of mind that differs from the one in which the problems were created.


4 years ago


Apple should buy BlackBerry! Moms and kids hate Apple! Samsung is Apple's worst nightmare! The Macalope Weekly awaits http://t.co/XKhc6SfE7U


4 years ago

Aza Raskin

Get feedback on your designs often. Ignore their solutions, listen to their problems.


4 years ago