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Birthday Tree tweets

wendy hooker

@peasbloss im fine got my parents & nephew coming for dinner its my mum birthday cant wait next saturday decs & tree go upxx


7 years ago

Haylie Sale

@This_IsBailey its a tradition in our house. Ants birthday 28th then tree goes.up next day! My sis has had hers up.for weeks!


7 years ago

Yeah it's Amy☮

This time In two weeks ill be doing some birthday Christmas tree shopping!


7 years ago


Christmas Tree Black Poinsettia 5in One Side Stacker for cardmaking http://t.co/2AkVHCgQ


7 years ago

7 years ago


My 7 year old cousin buys his mom a christmas tree every year with his birthday money because ”thats what men do” #SmartBoy


7 years ago

Gillian Little

@ziege6 @Kev_Little_ haha nah hes got birthday chocolate... altho ive just snapped th tree so all my efforts so far are wasted #foamin


7 years ago