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Black Libertarian tweets

kairu official

@TotalGoth Me thinks a myriad of things~ at that time I began meeting with Libertarian Ron Paul groups which are full of "black list" folk.


7 years ago


@RightInAcademia That was my call. I miss teaching but not the politics of religion depts. A libertarian is a black sheep in that field.


7 years ago

Rico Kikou

Maybe when we get a Green or Libertarian president people will regret voting for the major party black guy just because http://t.co/PBJ33xP2


7 years ago

Todd Seavey

If folk saw me guide that elderly, blind, black man across st., hope they saw my other hand held #Tomasi's #FreeMarketFairness. #libertarian


7 years ago


@Libertarian_76 blacks. Lol you are black right?


7 years ago

Jen Lo

I kinda disagree. I think they'll shoot him if they want. He runs a radical, libertarian blog and tweeted abt shooting police.And he's Black


7 years ago

Freedom Jedi

"Black nationalism is a lot more libertarian than the compulsory integration pushed by King and liberals." -M. Rothbard; thoughts on that?


7 years ago