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Black On White Wife tweets

Dreka !

@FreeSqueezeOnEm lol please he gone another bumble bee disappear on you and never see him again lol his wife black or white or rican !


6 years ago

Kevin Hughes

UT is on the verge of hiring a black coach with a white wife, proof that the volunteer State hates losing more than anything else.


6 years ago

The Prophet Edmond

RT @OisinMcConville: The wife asked me to get her something black and lacey for Christmas.. On my way now to buy her a pair of Puma King ...


6 years ago


The best revenge a black man could have on a racist white man is by loving his daughter and making her his wife...that's the cure to racism


6 years ago


“@FreddieGator: @JoSmoke Why not get Charlie Strong? Oh wait he's black.” With a white wife! We dont do that on The Plains!


6 years ago

Lady Lashay

Hate crime much? Why didn't you ever hear this one on the news? hmmm? This (white) Marine SGT and his black wife (cont) http://t.co/8Se69CD0


6 years ago

Seth shoemaker

How did a get a black baby on fable 3 when the characters wife is white **


6 years ago