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Blesure Door Tillen tweets

Men's Humor

I propose an "Adult Halloween". Where we go door to door Trick-or-Treating for beer.


10 years ago

Tory Belleci

Heard gun shots then everyone starting running for the door. Not sure if anyone was hurt. #LAX


10 years ago

Lo Mejor de Twitland

—Cariño, ¿qué hace ese sujetador al lado de la puerta? —Es que es un sujeta-DOOR JAJAJAJAJA —Te dejo. —Normal.


10 years ago

Josh Cuthbert

WOW.....woke up with 3 members of staff and my tour manager shouting under my hotel door trying to wake me up!! Woooops. #OutrageouslyTired


10 years ago

Disney Words

When opportunity knocks, open the door. –Don Carlton (Monsters University)


10 years ago

God Posts

Let go of the past so God can open the door to your future.


10 years ago

Funny Tweets™

That awkward moment when you get mad at someone, slam the door then realize you forgot something and you have to go back.


10 years ago