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Bm Fish Oil tweets

Fish is the Dish

It's #fishslicetuesday! RT by 23:59 tonight (8/10) for a chance to win 1 of 5 fish slices! #competition http://t.co/9ssjWqi1RQ


7 years ago

Gary Lineker

There was a time I put the ball in the net, now I'm selling fish caught in a net, in Tescos. Don't ask! http://t.co/YjM0ORNuBH


7 years ago

Best of Pisces

A #Pisces can go from caring deeply to being very detached easily; fish are skittish.


7 years ago

Dave Brytus

2 + 2 = Fish. 3 + 3 = Eight. 7 + 7 = Triangle. R E T W E E T If u get it.


7 years ago


Only 70% of people will understand this: 2 + 2 = Fish. 3 + 3 = Eight. 7 + 7 = Triangle. R E T W E E T If u get it.


7 years ago

Donald Brown

Great TEAM win... Thank you to the best fans in the @nfl Lucas Oil was electric today!


7 years ago

Tha Funny Racist

Give a black man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Give a black man a fishing rod, he'll stick it through your letter box and steal your keys.


7 years ago