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Body To Body tweets

5 years ago


my relationship with my siblings is always either “yo ill help u hide the body” or “dont even breathe in my direction” theres no in between


5 years ago


Crying is good for your health - Flushing unhealthy bacteria out of your body, strengthening the immune system and relieving stress.


5 years ago

Female Struggles

i just want perfect skin and hair and teeth and body proportions and endless supplies of money and intelligence is that too much to ask for?


5 years ago

So Damn True!

Touch her heart, not her body. Steal her attention, not her virginity. Make her smile, don't waste her tears.


5 years ago

Funny Tweets ™ ‏

kylie jenner is like 16 and has more perfection in her pinky than i'll ever have in my whole body.


5 years ago

BBC Breaking News

Amanda Hutton, who starved son, 4, to death and left body in UK house for 21 months, jailed for 15 years http://t.co/tDSUWGqMOu


5 years ago