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Booda Clean Taille tweets

Story Of My Life!

When I clean my room: 1% Cleaning. 28% Complaining. 71% Playing with stuff I just found.


6 years ago

Life Hack TIps

The importance of keeping your teeth clean http://t.co/VI194pHNzS


6 years ago

Health & Fitness

Fitness starts in your head. You must choose to eat clean, Exercise regularly and treat your body with respect.


6 years ago

Joe Trippi

I do not get it. If everything the GOP says about Obamacare is true Dems will never win another election. Pass a clean CR & finish us.


6 years ago

The White House

FACT: At least 20 House Republicans have publicly supported a clean bill to reopen the government. #JustVote —> http://t.co/toebRaRZcb


6 years ago

Allen West

To my former GOP colleagues who support a clean CR. Keep ur shields up! Ensure Obamacare applies to all – even Obama’s cronies. Molon Labe!


6 years ago

The Funny Racist™

#IHateSchoolBecause the Mexicans walk around like they own it.. But I guess they kind of do. Their dads built it and their moms clean it.


6 years ago