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Book Editing tweets

Daniel Beazley

@MichaelJecks I didn't get down there myself due to work but it was very windy and wet, book editing sounds preferable :-)


6 years ago

Ali Luke

Detailed post about revision / editing by @thecreativepenn - "Writing A Book: What Happens After The First Draft?" - http://t.co/jeefsohI


6 years ago

Liz Broomfield

@LouiseHarnby Thanks for sharing. This came up in the book I'm editing at the moment!!


6 years ago

Gwen Selix

Well its official I am editing my book now. Feels good. The ending will come once I finish editing. One step closer to agent hunting!


6 years ago

RangeWoman Inc.

Book Review: “Lapsing into a Comma” by Bill Walsh @TheSlot | DailyWritingTips http://t.co/AqmUWjhY #editing #review


6 years ago

Mike Rizzo

Welcome to Friday my friends. I'm going to finish editing a book I'm working on this weekend. It will surprise... http://t.co/dAcw0Tf3


6 years ago

Enrique Vazquez

RT @KeithCraft: Editing...Editing...EDITING! My new book comes out in 2013! Harper Collins is the publisher...that's all I can tell you ...


6 years ago