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Gym Apparatus tweets

Hunter Snider

When the gym plays Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Fall Out Boy and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus>>>>>>


7 years ago


@theory_of_ice Crunches, bridges, leg raises, that apparatus in the gym where you lean over the edge and do back extensions, etc.


7 years ago

Fang Kattalakis

-c- and the rest of the apparatus before I stand back and take a look at the now finished jungle gym. The cubs are sure enough going to -c-


7 years ago

Jeff Steward

Listening to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and New Found Glory at the gym today. Fenix TX is on tap too! #FitnessOtaku


7 years ago

Monica Lawrence

Gym Class Heroes, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Tokio Hotel, Far East Movement, Rascal Flatts also not taken sia.


7 years ago

A Pregnant Pause

@sairycake is that like Gym Minis where they climb on apparatus and develop balance and co-ordination ?


7 years ago

Emily Ruscoe

Hitting the gym tomorrow, going to be brave and try some of the apparatus that looks complicated to use.. If I get tangled in it please help


7 years ago