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Machine Massage tweets

Uncle Dez

My body so sore from last night man, helping people move aint no joke. . . . I need a massage, even if its a machine. lol


6 years ago

AyeJay Freez

@domi_figuwhat oh ok better crank up that Good ol fan and plug up the massage machine


6 years ago

Brian Poague

The washing machine in my house makes it feel like an earthquake or a massage chair for like 10 seconds


6 years ago

Edge Police

@Ashley_Steyh mr. Body massage machine GO!


6 years ago

Taylor Carroll

Dtr to babysit, the child is sleeping, food everywhere, a drink machine on the front porch,I got $100,and they have a massage chair. PERFECT


6 years ago

Jønny Webb™

My dog is in love with the back massage machine. #spoiled


6 years ago

Andrew Benitez

So today I went to get a haircut and my barber pulls out some sort of neck massage machine. Ha #todayhasbeenweird.


6 years ago