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Bukowski Cities Have Never Been Bombed tweets

Frases célebres

"Eso era todo lo que un hombre necesitaba: esperanza. Era la falta de esperanza lo que hundía a un hombre." Charles Bukowski


5 years ago


The 10 Most Deadly Cities in the World (You've Been Warned!) --> http://t.co/g1pI2P8GCN


5 years ago

Dr Majorly PhD

Positive News: Ahmadi mosque unlike Churches was NOT bombed. Not So Positive News: Police demolished it themselves. http://t.co/vbh27QMDx9


5 years ago

Nabeel Qureshi

Pakistani church bombed while providing free meals. 60 dead, 120 wounded. Pray fervently for our persecuted family. http://t.co/2gNiXTssQv


5 years ago

Khaya Dlanga

In 1998 Osama bin Laden bombed Kenya, 212 people were killed, and 4,000 wounded. Now this. Pray for Kenya.


5 years ago

Business Insider

Two Years After That Infamous Report On Chinese Ghost Cities, The Australian Reporter Who Filmed It Went Back http://t.co/Ow7TqMzQH5


5 years ago

Murat Yılmaz

Charles Bukowski =) http://t.co/zTwt13cD6b


5 years ago