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Business Metaphor tweets

Rise Business Circle

Do you have a metaphor for your business? Is it your baby? Are you the captain? Burden? What does that picture tell you... #cambridge


6 years ago

Dibyendu De

Cherries as Metaphor in life & in business http://t.co/B9FHh2Os via @RayGallon


6 years ago

Jack Lannom

The term “silo” is an apt metaphor for departments and business units within an organization which behave as if... http://t.co/0f9A3dGS


6 years ago

Home Brew

@S_F_T_ what a sample! Whether a metaphor for the music business or life. Brilliance.


6 years ago

Jordi Cat

how has divorce become the central metaphor in the analysis of political and business relations?


6 years ago

Bria Koala-Bear King

If you look at my my business case as a hole, you will surely understand the metaphor I'm using to describe it.


6 years ago

Tim Sowula

Really great #highered metaphor in this article about lack of advancement: Downward mobility haunts US education http://t.co/simDr2Fw


6 years ago