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Buy Coconut Oil tweets

Laura Sill

@MandyCorbin easy! Buy organic virgin coconut oil; (Kroger) set in warm water to liquify, spread on hair/scalp, leave on for an hr, wash!


8 years ago

.Kitttiiee †

@_voodookittenn & buy extra virgin coconut oil ;) you'll find it at the market everywhere ! I know more home remedies for nasty hair ;)


8 years ago


@ckinsss Kroger! Just buy coconut oil, leave in your hair for an hour, then wash it out!


8 years ago

Leslie LaCroix

trying to sell some stuff. I said, wow, $150 sure would buy a lot of coconut oil, and wash that stuff right down the drain.


8 years ago


ok so guys i have coconut oil all on my face and its making all spots disappear ok go out buy coconut oil and smother it on ok


8 years ago

Suzie Shaw

@AyeEmPee If you are in UK buy from http://t.co/FpXI6bFe


8 years ago

Danny Virgo, DPT

Need to buy more tea tree and coconut oil.


8 years ago