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Cable Acier tweets

Emma Dawson

RT @DeejayMattyd: 28 march. Select underground @ cable. No work Friday. Tickets only 12. Pounds. 3 room of pumping house music. Get on it.


11 years ago

Jake Hawthorn

That victorious moment when your phones usb cable is out of reach and there's a coat hanger next to you.


11 years ago

Ryan Peacock

Cable vs. Streaming Showdown - http://t.co/CkonIFhKla


11 years ago

Caleb Manuel

My entertainment tonight will consist mostly of watching funny cat videos with Evie


11 years ago

B A Montag

WIN a $25 Visa gift card and $10 in On Demand Cable Cash for your next viewing night! @thxmailcarrier #giveaway #win http://t.co/iXeN6ma4Ip


11 years ago

Anavel Delacruz

@dgreatestlovekd so thankful and mapapanuod ko to tomorrow kc i didn't able to watch kanina bcoz of our cable.


11 years ago

♡Brigid De Souza ☆彡

@eileenbileen I don't have cable ): I just download everything lol.


11 years ago